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Motorhomes are a popular target with vehicle thieves.

Not only are motorhomes valuable vehicles in their own right, but they are also often laden with valuable contents.  Whether your motorhome is on your drive whilst you sleep, or on a camp-site whilst you are on holiday you need to be sure that it is safe and secure.


Thatcham Cat 1 and 2-1 Accredited,
 Insurance Approved Alarm Immobiliser Systems
From Autowatch, Utilizing The Very Latest Wireless Technology,
Will Protect Your Motorhome, Its Contents  And Also Bring "Peace Of Mind" Features, For Example, Key Guard, Entry Alert, Anti Hi-Jack, Panic Button And Sleep Mode, etc. etc. 

With Expert, Fully Guaranteed, 'On site' Installations AND 'On Site' Warranty*

 Available Throughout Scotland. Since 1988.


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(*For Your convenience, When We Install Your Motorhome Security, Should You Require Service Under warranty, There's No Need To Travel Possibly Hundreds Of Miles Back To The Dealer, Our Engineer Will Come Out To You At The Original Installation Address, At No Charge.)



  • Text Alert System  If your alarm system is triggered this system will send a text message to your mobile phone letting you know
  • Text Alert Tracking systems  If You Motorhome Is stolen track its movements and whereabouts immediately.

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The all New Autowatch 457 RLI/t

Thatcham Cat 1, Digital Ultrasonic Alarm Immobiliser System,

With Selectable Wireless Zones.

(Please Note:The  Autowatch 457 Rli, Thatcham Light commercial vehicle approval Number Is TCL1 – 147/0807, This rating covers Motorhome category and can be view at Thatcham.org, Many other Thatcham alarms do not Qualify for this category And Some older models have been long since deleted! )

Spal SOLD SECURE Standard Motorhome Alarm System


This System Represents The Next Generation In Cat 1 Alarm/Immobiliser Systems.

Factory Fitted In South Africa By Both Ford And Volkswagon,
Plus Peugeot, Renault And Mitsubishi In Israel !

The Autowatch 457 RLI/T Cat 1, Is The Professional's Cat 1.

Approval No TC2 1404/0807
LCV Approval No TCL1 147/0807

 Product Summary 

2 High Encryption, 4 Button Remote Controls
EMERGENCY Pin Code Override ( if remotes are lost or damaged, your not stranded! )
Perimeter (Door, Lockers, Garage & Bonnet)
Early Warning Sensor input
Ultrsonic Movement Sensor
Microwave Movement Sensor

2 Zone Wireless Sensor Facility.
(With The Autowatch 457rli Motorhome Alarm System you
 can enable or disable specific wireless Intruder Zones Lockers Or Interior PIR Sensors etc As Well as
 The Wired Ultrasonic Movement Sensors, All From your Remote Control,
With Any Other Motorhome Alarm System The Wireless Sensors are Either All On Or All Disabled. )

Central locking output (Neg Neg)
High Intensity Flashing Blue L.e.d. Light (visual deterrant )

Window Closure facility ( Option )
Turbo Timer output Option ( 60 seconds )

Silent Arm / Silent Disarm (Selectable From Remote)
False-alarm Nuisance Prevention
Alarm trigger Diagnostics

Rapid-test mode for installer
Courtesy light illumination

On-board HEAVY DUTY, Dual Circuit,
Self-arming Immobiliser.

Battery back-up siren
Auto Re-arm Alarm ( selectable )
Auto -arming Alarm (selectable )

Lock/Unlock with ignition (selectable )
Pager output neg out (Selectable)
Negative Output when armed (Selectable)

Ignition Anti-Hotwire
Indicator / Park-light Flashing

Perimiter Lighting,
(press a button on the Autowatch 457 rli remote and the Motorhomes
side lights front and back will illuminate until the button is pressed again.
Handy when stumbling back through a dark site, This function is vehicle dependant)

Built In Remote Control Panic Alarm Facility

Anti High-Jack key Guard Theft Facility,
 ( cost option, If your keys are stolen even with your Autowatch alarm remotes
 attached, this option makes it impossible to start your Motorhome, similarly if a High-Jack occurs
As soon as the Thief stops the engine, it will then be impossible to re-start. )

Output for GSP/GSM Tracking System.

High Security Anti-tamper Security Houseing

Sleep And Pet Mode, Controlled From The Autowatch Remote Control.

 The Autowatch 458 rl Thatcham 2-1 Upgrade (for Motorhomes already equiped with a Factory Thatcham cat 2 immobiliser system)
Has The Same Spec As The Autowatch 457 rli, minus the Immobilizer function.


 Autowatch Motorhome Alarm Systems Fully Fitted Prices Start From Just £299.99

**In Order To Receive A TRI, Thatcham Recognised Installer Certificate,

You Must Specifically Request One Upon The Booking Of Your Motor Home Alarm Installation.